Grace Point Worship Service Options

Option #1 - Online Sermon Recording

 A Recorded Sermon for each week is available on the Home page this website. The message will be the same as the live version, but will be available in advance of the Sunday morning. This is provided as an option if the you are unable to attend in person or join by Zoom, of if you missed a sermon in the series.

Goto Recored Sermons page.

Option #2 - Sunday Zoom Connection

Join the service Live on Zoom

Starting Sunday at 10:30 am

Click here for

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Zoom Meeting ID: 898 8361 0746
        Passcode: GPA3941

Over the past few months our Sunday Zoom meetings and the online sermon recording has worked well during this time. We will maintain the Zoom meeting but you will be able to join the live worship service at 10:30 am. The online aspect will include:

• Live Stream: Through Zoom will be opened to the live service a little before 10:30am. With the exception of the time and streaming venue, the Grace Point Zoom connection will work as it has before. The Zoom meeting will include the live version of the sermon with PowerPoint notes shared on your screen. 

Sermon Note Sheet and Discussion Questions can be found in the RESOURCES of the Recored Sermons page of this website. You can use these to follow along and participate in the Group Discussion.

• Group Discussion: Zoom participants will then be able to participate in group discussion after the sermon (around 11:00am).

Please Note: As technology permits, we will try to connect both the live and online attenders together for greeting and prayer. (We are able to view zoom participants on the large screen at Grace Point).

Option #2 - In-Person Worship Service

We have recently opened up for in-person worship services at Grace Point. 

Please read the following guidelines if you plan to attend. 

Live Attendance Guidance
As we gather at Grace Point we will need to follow some some Department of Health guidelines. Here is what to expect if you attend in person at Grace Point:

Service Time: The service will begin at 10:30am and we will try to limit the time to 1 hour.

Face Coverings must be worn upon entering the building. If you forget your face covering, one will be provided for you at the door. Once everyone is seated, the health department allows the option to remove face coverings. If you need to move from your seat at any time during, and at the conclusion of the service, face coverings must be worn. 

Sorry, no handshakes or hugs. Please follow distancing and hygiene signs posted in the building, on doors, and bathrooms.

Seating is arranged in rows of various numbers of seats. The rows are distanced at 6’ (2 meters) apart. Family members, household groups, and frequent contacts are allowed to sit in the same row together. Seating is limited so please select a row that best fits your group size. 

Children’s Ministry and Child Care: We will not have a separate children’s program at this time. Children are welcome to remain with their parents in the service. If a child does need to leave the service, parents may accompany them in the children’s area.

Music and singing will be limited, both for time considerations and safety. Please follow instructions during the service concerning singing. 

Hand Sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the building for your convenience.

Food: We will not be serving any food or drinks at this time.

Offerings: An offering collection box is located near the entry of the building. We will not be passing the offering basket. You may still give online as well.

Sermon: The sermon will be the same as the recording on the website. 

Group Discussion: We will remain in our seats and rows for discussion time and talk about the questions as one group. The Zoom attenders will also be participating in discussion time. 

Please be patient as we navigate this new phase of hybrid worship services. It took us a few weeks to figure out our current virtual church services. There will be improvements along the way as we figure out how to accommodate as many people as possible. I do believe that we will be able to include more people with a combination of recordings, Zoom connections, and in-person worship. 

Please let me know by email or text if you are planning to attend In-Person so that we can ensure seating for everyone. Please feel free to contact Pastor Patrick if you have any questions.