Growing Together in Jesus Christ

New Teaching Series: 

1, 2, & 3 John

This is the Message

From the Little Letters of John

The Apostle John is known for his Gospel and for the Book of Revelation. 

But he also wrote some shorter letters and have a great message.


Mini Teaching Series: Luke 1 and 2

The Original Christmas Songs

from Dr. Luke's Holy-day Collection

When we think of Christmas songs there are the old favorites and the new. We have Christmas Charols, pop, electirified orchestra and everything in-betwenn. We also have religious and secular songs to choose from. But there are some Original Christmas Songs the we find in the Gospel of Luke. A small but unique collection of the greatest hits from some of the first participants in the biblical Christmas story.


Teaching Series: Colossians

All That Matters

The Supremacy and Sufficiency of Christ

The Apostle Paul wrote his letter to the church in Colossae to correct an error in their understanding of Christ. Influenced from their past and the culture around them, some were beginning to believe that Jesus Christ was not enough. But Paul lovingly reminds them that Jesus is more than enough. He is all that matters when it comes to our faith and salvation.   



Hope in the Return

The book of the prophet Zechariah was written during the return to Jerusalem and rebuilding of the temple. After almost 70 years in exile only a remnant have returned home. People are discouraged and wondering where the Lord is in their rebuilding efforts. It is not the new Jerusalem they expected. But then the Lord breaks his silence to Zechariah. His message is not only of hope in the return of Israel and the new temple. It is also a vision of the coming Messiah who brings blessing and salvation to the world.


un-Christian ized

Living Like Christ in Post-Christian Culture

As  Christianity has less influence on the western world

a pre-Christian approach to the Gospel gives hope for the Church.