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We are a Multiethnic Church in Buffalo, NY with a local and global impact. 

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What do you Want NEED for Christmas

We often ask the question, "What do you want for Christmas?" The list of gift ideas may be short or long. 

The people who waited for the first Christmas had a lot of ideas of what they wanted in a Messiah. But God gave us what we really needed. In this Advent series we ask the question, "What do you really NEED for Christmas?" The answer can be found in the names that refer to Jesus the Messiah.  


New Teaching Series

un-Christian ized

Living Like Christ in Post-Christian Culture

As  Christianity has less influence on the western world

a pre-Christian approach to the Gospel gives hope for the Church.


Previous Teaching Series


Because we have been set free!

The Ten Commandments were given by God to Moses on tablets of stone.

Why are they still relevant for Christians today?