p6 Being Church on Purpose

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:The five functions of the church move us to deeper relationship with God and to his purpose for our lives.How do we intentionally fulfill the purpose of the Church?

p5 Inviting People to Discover God

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Evagelism is sharing the message of Jesus Christ. How do we invite people to follow Jesus?

p4 Serving God Together

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Ministry is serving God by serving other people. How do we grow whern we serve in ministry?

p3 Following Jesus Together

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Discipleship is growing in spiritual maturity as we follow Jesus Christ. How do we grow in our faith as we obey Christ?

P2 Discovering God Together

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:> Praising God together aligns our lives with His purpose. Why is worshing essential for the Church and why should we worship together?

P1 Growing Together in Jesus Christ

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Jesus' great command to love God and love others in the foundation fo rthe Church's existance. Fellowship is a key element to being church. What is fellowship and why is it essential for the church's purpose and effectiveness?--> Document for download: The "One Another" list and study questions.