One More Thing: Romasn 16:17-27

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:As we come to the end of the Letter to the Romans, the Apostle Paul wnated to stress one more impportant thing. We must be careful not to change the Gospel. What are those important details about the Gospel that we must remember?

Networked: Romans 16:1-24

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God uses all kinds of people workinng together to build His Church. How is the Church networked together?

Duty & Right: Romans 15:23-33

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:We owe our faith to and gratitude to Jesus but we also owe somthing to each other. How do we express our gratitude to Jesus and other believers?

Right & Duty: Romans 15:9-22

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:The world has a right to know about and have access to the Gospel of God. It is for everyone. How do we fulfil our duty of imforming others of their right?

Acceptance: Romans 15:5-13

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:The Gospel of God is the only hope for the nations. Because Christ has accepted us, we are a Church that is of . . . many chultures but we worship one Christ.

Pay the Price: Romans 15:1-8

Pastor Mouhaonnad Moses


Description:Unity, growth and maturity come at a price. What is the price I must pay for the health of my church?

Weak and Strong: Romans 14, part 2

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:There is a differnce between truth and opinions. There are many areas where christians may disagree on certain matters. How are believers supposed to handle matters of opinion?

Not About Meet: Romans 14:1-23

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:We have as many priciples as rules in the Gospel.WHat are the main principles of faith?

Wake up and Get Dressed: Romans 13:11-14

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Faith looks back to what Christ has done and forward to his return. How does this impact our salvation in our present lives?

Debt of Love: Romans 13:8-10

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Followers of Christ are to fulfill God's law by living GOd's love. How can we live God's love for others in our thoughts and actions?

Good Government?: Romans 13:1-7

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God establishes governmetns for the good of the people. How are Christians to respond to their governmetn? What if the government we are under is bad or evil?

God's Logic: Romans 12:14-21

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:We gain more when we love more. How can we love our enimies?

True Love: Romans 12:9-13

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Love hates evil and holds on to the good. How do we practice true, active love?

Be Humble: Romans 12:3-8

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Humility is a major trait of the Christian faith. How can I be humble in GOd's Church?

True Worship: Romans 12:1-2

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God's will is for us to worship him through Christ. How do we find God's will through true worship?

Salvation Mystery: Romans 11:25-36

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Israel's Unbelief has resulted in our salvation. How does God extend his salvation to us?

Think Like God Romans 11:10-24

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:If we think like God, we will act like GOd. SO how can we think like God?

Remnant: Romans 11:1-12

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God can use rejection to save his people. How do I know that God will not reject me?

Stay on the Line: Romans 10:14-21

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Honest and sincere faith in Christ brings salvation.How can I keep on track with my salvation?

No Difference: Romans 10:1-13

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God's way of making people right has always been the same. It is through faith. But how do we avoid the mistakes of those who rejected Christ?

I Choose: Romans 9:1-33

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:God has chosen to love the world through His Son Jesus Christ. What can I do about God's choice?

Security: Romans 8:28-39

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Christ became like us so that we can become like Christ. How do we know our salvation is secure in Christ as we continue to follow him?

Groaning: Romans 8:14-30

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:The work of the Holy Spirit is essential to our salvation in Christ. Ho does the Holy Spirit work in our lives and salvation?

Community: Romans 8:1-17

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Through Jesus, God created the most perfect community that humanity has ever known. How can I be a part of God's community?

Falling Short: Romans 7:7-25

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:To grow in our Christian life we must be aware of the power of sin. How powerful is sin in our life?

Superior: Romans 7:1-6

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:God's word adresses adn defines the nature of humanity. This makes it relvant to our lives. How can I confirm the relavancy of God's word?

Are You Alive: Easter Sunday

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:TO know if you are alive, you should ask yourself how you live life. We are to live like we are . . .

Destination: Romans 6:15-23

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:In Jesus, there is the ability and the freedom to choose the path and destination. How do we keep moving forward in Christ?

Rejuvination: Romans 5:12-21

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:God does not give up, even when we give up on ourselves. Haw can we take advantage of God's offer of salvation?

Reconciled :Romans 5:1-11

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:A right relationship with God has great benifts for the believer. What should I expect from my faith in Christ?

Journey to Eternity:Romanas 4:13-25

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:God's salvation is spatiotemporal, eternal, temporal, and tangible. How can I see God's promise fulfilled already?

Faith Credit: Romans 4:1-16

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Abraham is the greatest example of how fiath makes us right with God. How do we receive credit for our faith?

Righteousness: Romans 3:19-31

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:What religions, systems of laws, and philosophers failed to provide, GId did through Jesus Christ. How then do we live God's righteousness through Christ?

No Exceptions: Romans 3:9-24

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Everyone has the same opportunity for God's righteousness because everyone is judged according to God's justice. SO How can I measure up to God's standard?

Clarity: Romans 3:1-8

Pastor Mouanna Moses


Description:God's grace is conditionsed within theboundries o sin and judgement, justice and righteousness, righ and wrong.SO how can we live a fufillng faith in Christ?

Inside Out: Romans 2:17-29

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God says that a perfect life is required to have a right relationship Him. How can your life be perfect before God?Also - Grace Point 2017 Vision Meeting

Just Judge: Romans 2:1-16

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Moral and legal systems are but miniatures of God's justice system. What are the principles of God's judgement?

Abandoned: Romans 1:16-32

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God's Gospel shows us how to have a right relationship wiht Him. but God's wrath is revealed on those who reject Him. What happens when we reject God?Downloadable Note Sheet Available

His, Yours, and Mine: Romans 1:8-17

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:The Gospel is founded by one man, in one region of the world, and at a specific period of time. But this good news speads throughout the world and through history. What is this power that the Gospel of God has?

The Gospel of God: Romans 1:1-8

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:As we beging our sermon series in the Book of Romans we find that we have a message of salvation that is to be boldly applied to our lives and shared with others.