Sleepint on the Job: Mark 14:32-52

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Prayer is not the last resort, but the first action we take before accomplishing great things. Why is time with God so important?

True: Mark 16:1-8

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Christianity is alive because Jesus was raised from the dead. What was the significance of Jesus' resurrection?

Injustice: Mark 14:53-65

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Jesus was judged and executed by the most corrupt and unjust people the world has ever known. How can we fight back against injustice?

On Trial: Mark 15:1-15

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:There are two basic questions everyone must ask about Jesus; it is critical to answer correctly. What are the critical questions we must ask?

Are You Ready to Go?: Mark 1:1-13

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:The Gospel of Mark gets off to a fast start and keeps going to the end. In the first few verses we see that Jesus is a man of action but also is the Son of God.

Campaigning: Mark 1:14-20

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:History shows us that earthly kingdoms rise and fall. That is actually evidence of the existance of God's eternal kingdom. How can we be sure we are eligible for his kigndom?

Simply Amazing: Mark 1:21-34

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Jesus' words and actions carry great authority in our lives. What is so amazing about Jesus' authority?

Don't Tell: Mark 1:35-45

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Jesus is not the means, but the end itself. What should our life priorites be?

Go Home: Mark 2:1-12

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:We express what we believe about Christ when we serve others. What does our ministry for Jesus Christ reveal?

Jesus in Vegas: Mark 2:13-17

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:If Jesus does not like to hang out with good people, how can we become Jesus' freinds?

Jesus or Bust: Mark 2:18-22

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Followers of Jesus must be ready for something completely new. How does Christ burst our expectations?

Grow Up: Mark 2:23-3:6

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Sometimes there is only a fine line between right and wrong. How can we determine the right decision?

Crowded: Mark 3:7-19

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Christ calls people to move to deeper levels of discipleship. What does itr mean to be called by God?

People: Mark 3:20-35

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Jesus came toi an irrational and a demonized world. How can we resist the opposition?

Parable Paradox: Mark 4:1-20

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Jesus' parable both revealed and concealed truth. Why did Jesus speak in parables?

Simple Job: Mark 4:21-34

Pastor Mouhanad Moses


Description:Building the Kingdom of God is the responsibility of both God and man. SO what is man's responsibility in it all?

Fear Factor: Mark 4:35-41

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:A healthy fear of God moves us to a deeper faith in Jesus. How are our faith and fear compatible?

Crucify Me: Mark 15:16-32

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Humanity's self-abasement, aggrandizement, and guilt bled on the cross in a physical, spirtiual and psychological way. What can we take from the cross of Jesus?

Outcasts: Mark 5:21-43

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Jesus' value for people extends even to those who are rejected. What are you willing to rist to value people as Jesus does?

Amazing Unbelief: Mark 6:16

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Jesus shows that unbelief is a strong and destructive force. Why is unbelief so powerful?

Sender: Mark 6:7-13

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Jesus formed and made His Church to act like Him. How do we ack like Jesus?

Full Capacity: Mark 6:30-44

Pastor Mohannad Moses


Description:Desperate need cannot be met by regular effort. How can we meet people's need?

Faith Crisis: Mark 6:45-56

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God uses critical events to bring radical change in our lives. How does God use each step of a crisis

Either Or: Mark 7:1-23

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:We are solely called to observe God's instructions rather than man's. How do we differentiante between the two?

It's Up to You: Mark 14:27-31, 66-72

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Only Jesus can reach out to us when we are at out lowest point in life. What can we do to help ourselves?

Kids and Puppies: Mark 7:24-30

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Following Jesus requires strong faith. What does strong faith look like?

Lessons from the Gentiles: Mark 7:31-37

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Jesus called us to take the Gospel aabroad, where it is offensive, politiacl, and irrelevant. How can we cross the barriers of culture and religion?

Understanding: Mark 8:1-26

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Followers of Jesus are to hear and see clearly. What does Jesus want us to understand about culture, religion and politics?

Conflict of Interenst Mark 8:27-9:1

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:God desires us to have the same interset as His Son Jesus. How can we do that?

Unveiled: Mark 9:2-13

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Jesus Gives us exactly what we need to believe till the end. How is our faith transformed when we see Jesus clearly?

Forsaken: Mark 15:33-47

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:THe darkest hours of Jesus's death provide the ultimate opportunity for our lives. Where was God the Father during Jesus; death?