Joel: Day of the Locust

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God uses time of crisis to refocus our lives. How should we respoind to God in times of desaster?

Amos: It's getting worse

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:The tragic circumstances of the world confirm God's statements. So what is the role of the church in the world?

Obadiah: Pride and Prejudice

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:How does our pride result in our downfall? Obadiah points out that how we treat otthers directly reflects on how God treats us.

Jonah: I'm not Going

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:God appreciates honest disobedience more than pretetious obedience.

Micah: Lawyer Up

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:We do what is right before God because our heart is right with God.

Nahum: Times Up

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God's Judgment and his grace are not incompatable. How can we understand God's contracsting character?

Habakkuk: the 3 J's

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Humanity screams louder in times of crisis. What is God's relply?

Zephaniah: Good News

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:God's severe judgment corresponds to man's severe deterioration. How can we turn that into reformation?

Haggai: Oblivious to the Obvious

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:The reason we miss God's blessing in our lives is because we fail to glorify God with our lives.

Zachariah: Recipe

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Correct theory predicts precise results. What are the right ingrediants?

Malachi: Reasoning

Pastor Mouhannad Moses


Description:Superficial reasoning is the architect of falling buildings. What does God have to reason with us about?

The Take Away

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:In times of cultural confusion, God's message is clear. God calls us to live distinct lives from the world.