Witnesses: Acts 1:1-11

Pastor Patirick Tharp


Description:The Church is the continuation of Jesus' work in the word. But how do a few people become an unstoppable force for change?

Waiting: Acts 1:12-26

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Jesus' disciples gathered, prayed, and prepared as they waited for the promise of the Holy Spirit. What can we learn from their active waiting?

Outpouring: Acts 2:1-12

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God does not dwell in a place, but in His people. That means that the church is mobile and globle.

Preacher: Acts 2:13-36

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God calls his people to proclaim a clear message that everyone has a choice to accept or appose God. Thar choice is based upon what you do with Jesus Christ.

Gospel: Acts 2:37-41

Pastor Mouhannad Musa


Description:Sin and salvation are two sides of the Gospel message. You can't have one without the other.

Beggar: Acts 3:1-10

Pastor Mouhaand Mousa


Description:The only thing the church really has to give away is the one thing everyone really needs.

Disowned: Acts 3:11-26

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:The real test of our faith in Jesus comes when it is easier to deny that we know Him.

Unstoppable: 4:1-22

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:As members of Christ's Church we are compelled to speak about Jesus.

Shaken: Acts 4:23-31

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Praying for what God wants will shake things up.

Honor or Shame: Acts 4:31-5:11

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:We may be able to deceive some people some of the time, but can't fool God.

Sanhedrin: Acts 5:12-33

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Obeying God can get you into big trouble.

Reasoning: Acts 5:29-42

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:If the Church is God's Work, opposition will never stop it.

Seven: Acts 6:1-7

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Following Christ does not eliminate life's problems, but it does give us a proper way to respond.

Expansion: Acts 6:8-15

Pastor Mouhannad Mlusa


Description:God travels through cultures and through his people. So why might other cultures have difficulty with Christianity.

Stoned: Acts 7

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God meets us where we are and moves us to where we need to be. So what is OUR problem with God?

Exploded: Acts 8:1-8

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:God uses negative things adn turns them in to opportunity for his Church to spread and grow.

Samaria: Acts 8:9-25

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:When we choose to follow Christ we must change our cultural thinking. What is the proper way to understand Christianity within our culture?

Commonality: Acts 8:26-40

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:People separate and meet in view of who God is. How can Christianity be a peace maker?

Conversion: Acts 9:1-20

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Encountering Jesus Christ is a life changing experience. WHat Change can we expect to see when we follow Christ?

Upside Down: Acts 9:19-31

Pastor Mouhannd Mousa


Description:Faith in Jesus is a safe ride full of perils, thrills. toil, and dangers. What can faith in Jesus do to us?

Rethink: Acts 10

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Following Jesus Christ challenges us to cross cultural barriers. WHat must we do to meet God's challenges?

Inevitable: Acts 11

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:People of the world are open to the message of Jesus. What make Jesus irresistable?

Escape: Acts 12

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Prayer is sometimes the only thing we have and the only thing we need. SO when is the best time to pray?

Just Go!: Acts 13:1-12

Pastor Mouhannad Mouse


Description:The Church today may at times fell frustrated by an inability to share the Gosple. Why is is so much more difficult to to tell people about Christ today?

Dust: ACTS 13:13-14:7

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:How do we present a message that most people may not accept? It may not be as difficulr as you think.

Stoning the Unknown: Acts 14:8-20

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Jesus' validity is proven by the world's rejection. How can we stay true in a deceptive world?

Council: Acts 15:1-35

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Where we see differnsces that devide, Christ calls believers into community.

Gray: Acts 15:36-16:10

Pastor Muhannad Mousa


Description:In order to bring th message of Christ to new people, sometimes we have to be subjective. How can we keep the Gospel relavant to different groups of people?

Citizen: Acts 16:11-40

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Belivers in Jesus Christ enjoy the privileges and responsibilities of dual citizenship. What are the privileges and responsibilities of beign citizens of both a country and of heaven?

Impact: Acts 17:1-9

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:The Answer to faith in Jesus is either Yes or No. How do we stimulate people to respond to the Gospel?

Bereans: Acts 17:10-15

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Believers should know the book that reveals our faith. What is the best way to understand the Bible?

New: Acts 17:16-34

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:When it comes to world philosophy, Christianity is a new concept.

Gallio: Acts 18:1-17

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:We can live in fear of what could happen or in faith in the God who makes things happen. What does God do to accomplish his plqn?q

Individualism: Acts 18:18-19-22

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Jesus did not call you or me, but us.

Factions:Acts 19:23-41

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:People are either with Jesus, against Jesus, or confused.

the Road: Acts 21:1-22:29

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Between life and death there is another ride to take. How can we have a thrilling ride with God?

Conspiracy: Acts 22:30-23-35

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Man's schemes against God's people will always fail. How do we survive being stuck in the middle in the battle of state and relegion?

Triple E: Acts 24

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:The world is sick under the dominion of evil. How should we then live in a world with the exitance of evil?a

non-Sense: Acts 25

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Christianity does not fit the norms of politics or religion. It is a message of love God and love others. Why then do people hate the message of Christ.

Prisoner: Acts 27

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:God didn't send us to rule the world but to save it. What can we give to save thae world?

Rome: Acts 28

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:The story of the Book of Acts is still being written today. How are we a part of the ongoing bibilcal story?