Significant Identity

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:There are many ideas of what the Church is, but God's definition is the only one that matters.

Significant Existance

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:We are chosen to be God's family through Christ according to God's will, in order to bring Him glory. This means that our life has great meaning, value, and purpose in the eyes of God.

Significant Purpose

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God's purose for the Church is to fulfill His plan. God's plan is for Christ to have leadership over everything. God'd power for the Church comes when we give Christ leadership over everything in our lives.

Significant Shift

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:When we follow Jesus Christ our new relationship with God creates a change in our lives. We are no longer spiritually dead, but alive with Christ.

Seeking Peace

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God's purpose is to bring people back into a right relationship with himself and His Church is the people by which he accomplishes this purpose. God does this by first bringing peace. What is God's peace all about?

Secret Plan

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:God had a mystery to reveal to the world. He has revealed it in Jesus Christ. The secret plan was how to bring the entire world into relationship with him. It is now the Church's messaage to tell to the world.

Spiritual Power

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:The strength of our faith comes through the power of God's love. But God's kind of love is not like what we usually think. It is based on God's choice, commitment, and sacrifice.

Awsome Calling

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:God calls us through His Son Jesus to become His family and act like Jesus as well. How are we to be worthy of God's calling?

Growing Up - part 1

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God expects all believers to grow in their faith ad he gifts all believers to serve. But between the expectations of maturity and ministry, God places leaders to equip his Church.

Growing Up - part 2

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:God expects all believers to go on to maturity in their faith and serve others (ministry), but why? Because the goal is to be like Jesus.

Living in New Life

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Once we have accepted the eternal life that God offers us, we begin a new life to live in the present.

Living the Christian Life

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:As followers of Christ we are copmpelled to a life of love, purity and wisdom.

Living with Family

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Followers of Christ must mirror our relationship with Christ in our family life.

Living with Work

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Followers of Christ allow our work ethic to reflect our faith and freedom in Christ.

Living in Spiritual Strength

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:When followers of Christ seek to live for God, we will encounter spiritual opposition. How are we to stand?

Being the Basic Church

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:So how do we simply be a basic Church?