Christ-less Christmas

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Taking a break from our CORE series we look at the real purpose of Christmas.


Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we can accomplish nothing.

Mobile Church

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Completing God's mission requires mobilizing every fully devoted disciple.

True Success

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Know and obeying God's word is fundamental to all true success.

Giving God's Way

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God owns everything and we are only his managers. When we understand and live this core vaule it changes our perspective to God's economy.

Lost and Found

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Lost people matter to God and he wants them to be found. He calls upon those who have already been found to be part of His rescue opperation.


Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Prayer is the primary work of the people of God. When we pray God responds when we seek Him with sincere hearts.

Many Cultures . . . One Christ

Pastors Patrick and Mouhannad


Description:God has called us to be a church that is multi-ethnic. Pastors Patrick and Mouhannad share their vision and experiences that have led them to this call.

Discipleship is Following

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:True disciples of Christ are followers of His words and actions. We learn and understand what God calls us to be from the study of the Bible. But the knowledge gained is to develop our ministry for him.

Leadership is Serving

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Leadership in the church is both biblical and essential. Leaders are to humbly serve as they create an environment where God's people are equipped and encouraged in ministry.

Ministry is Serving

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Ministry is not a church program; it is the church serving God by serving others. Serving in this way allows us be the church the worships God from the outside-in.

Worship is a Lifestyle

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Worship in our culture today is often equated with "going to church." But true worship is not an event but a lifestyle of serving God every moment of everyday.

We Can't Go to Church

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:We can't God to church; followers of Christ are the Church. Our cultural vocabulary often confuses the real purpose for God's people to be called together, built up and sent out.

God is On a Mission

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:God is by his very nature a God of Mission. Our responsibility as the church is to discover what God is doing and get involved with him. In light of the fact that God came to earth to find us, what is our response to other people?


Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Our core values are based upon four fundamental criteria:Christ CenteredOutward FucusedRelationally BasedEmpowering People