Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:After looking at the Seven Churches of Revelation, what can we learn about what makes a church healthy according to Christ's standard?


Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Like the church at Laodicea, we can be so wrapped up in the culture around us that we lose all distintion as followers of Christ. How do we maintain the fervor and flavor that Jesus expects us to have?


Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:The Church in Philadelphia knew what it was to live in strength that only comes from trusting in Christ. How can we have that same strength in the face of today's culture?


Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:The Church of Sardis thought they were alive but Jesus tells them they were dead. The fragile line between life and death goes deeper than the physical world. Spiritual death is cause by the poison of sin. But repenatance is the antidote.


Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:The Message to Church at Thyatira started out well. They served in loved and stood strong in the face of persecution. But the one thing Jesus had against them was that they were too tolerant. What should the church's level of tolerance be?

No Compromise

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Pergamum was called the place "where Satan lives" and for good reason. All the worldly pleasures were there to be indulged in. But Jesus tells the church there that their behavior needed to match their profession of Christ. They we not to compromise their faith with the culture around them.


Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:The Church of Smyrna faced persecution, suffering, poverty, imprisionment and death. Yet Jesus has nothing to correct about. Only praise and encouragment for the trials ahead. Jesus standard for church success is far different from ours today. What can we learn from the persecute church?


Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Jesus' Message to Ephesis - What does God see when he sees us? The perfection of our deeds or our doctrine? While both are important, God is actually more conserned about the perfection of our hearts.

a Kingdom and Priests

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Jesus' Message from Patmos - Followers of Jesus Christ have a great privilege and a great responsibility to serve God.