The Stability of Faith

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:The fact that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, gives us a stronger, more stable faith.

The Wonder Land

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:What would life be like if we all lived in Biblical Love?

The Fear of Faith

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:True Faith requiers a proper dose of Fear.

The Discipline of Faith

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Difficulties in life help us keep our faith in proper perspective. How should we view hardships in life?

The Race of Faith

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Our faith requires endurance. It is not a short burst of speed that makes our faith endure, but a lasting faith goes the distance with Christ.

The Courage of Faith

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Many times are fatih is put to the text. How do we have the courage to hold onto our faith?

The Serious Faith

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Our faith carries with it a serious responsibility. Are you ready for it?

The Decision of Faith

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:When we are faced with the truth we must make a choice.

The Vision of Faith

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:When we lose sight of where we are going, we may fail to get there.

The Test of Faith

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Tests and trials come and go. WIll you pass the test?

The Call of Fatih

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:When God calls your name will you follow?

The Work of Faith

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:While we works do not bring us salvation, the evidence of our faith is the actions we live every day.

THe Walk of Faith

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:When God Calls us to Faith in Jesus the Messiah, it is only the beginning of the journey.

The Worship of Faith

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:We we give to God, we are not just giving gifts, but we are giving ourselves as well.

The Faith Reality

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Faith is . . . , a simple word with deep meaning. But it is what brings certaiinty and hope to my life in Christ.

True Faith Lives

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Faith is an action word, not a passive concept. True Faith is the way to life, and True faith is the way we live.

Two Realities

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:There are two realites that we must face in this life. The one we embrace determins our eternal destiny.

The Pledge

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God's promise came with an unfailing pledge.

Lost and Found

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Man's destiny has been lost, but he can find it again in Christ

The Maturity Factor

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Simply believing is only the beginning of a lasting faith. As we develop a stronger faith in Christ, we must move beyond a basic knowledge and apply spiritual truth to our lives.

Between Two Worlds

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:We live in a physical world, but God exists in the spiritual world. We need someone to bridge the gap between these two world. Find out why only Christ can go between us and God.

The Text Message

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:God's word is powerful and when applied properly to our lives, will reveal the deepest realities of our life.

Finding God's Rest

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:God has called us to find rest from our works and wondering, and enter into the relationship with Him. But some have come very close to what God has to offer, but have still missed it.

The Isolation Desception

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:We can try to live out our faith apart from the church. Or we can believe that we are saved because we go to a church. Either way, we risk falling into the greatest sin. . .

Greater than the Greatest

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:Who is the greatest person in the world? Who do you look up to for hope, help and inspiration?

Recovering Our Lost Identity

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:TO recover what humanity has lost a perfect human is needed to be the perfect Savior.

The Warning

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:If Christ is God than we better pay close attention to what he has to say. It is a matter of life and death.

The Christ Identity

Pastor Patrick


Description:Discovering His name changes our ultimate destiny.

The ME

Pastor Mouhannad Mousa


Description:There is one thing that stands in the way of our faith in Christ, that is "the ME"

The Faith Supremacy

Pastor Patrick Tharp


Description:Faith is not always an easy thing to have. Sometimes it is a struggle. But the Best thing in life is worth the struggle.